Intelligent & Adaptive Fulfillment

Multi-Channel fulfillment, shrinking delivery windows, inventory consignment and drop shipments have led to new challenges and complexities within supply chain and logistical operations.  Distribution centers have become a hub of cutting edge technologies, and multi-line orders often require microsecond decisions regarding order routing and promised delivery dates.  For many firms, mastering these needs can be a challenge due to the performance and resiliency required to cope with seasonal fluctuations and real-time availability tracking.

CloudGen is a top implementer of supply chain systems, warehouse management integrations and rules based fulfillment.  From live dashboards tracking activities to future looking predictive analytics, CloudGen delivers the solutions to propel firms forward and strengthen competitiveness.

Experience & Capabilities

  • Rules engine based fulfillment, pricing and machine learning optimization.
  • Operational dashboards, process visualization and preemptive demand intelligence.
  • Capacity aware order routing and adaptive inventory prioritization.
  • Material safety and export intelligence for shipping rules and lead time calculation.
  • Channel and location aware availability for same day purchase.

Supply Chain & Logistics

CloudGen has delivered solutions for large distributors, suppliers and multi-channel retailers around the globe.

With a wealth of existing knowledge and project successes, CloudGen can deliver supply chain platforms that keep inventory moving and customers happy.

Client Profiles
  • Many Top 10 eTailers & Wholesalers
  • International Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Government Services & Citizen Portals
  • Insurance, Banking & Finance