Architecting CRM Success

The need to better manage customer data and interactions is essential. Many firms have turned to software as a service (SaaS) platforms, such as, just to realize the monumental effort required for integrations and data design.  Statistics show the average Salesforce implementation can exceed six million dollars in custom development work.   Unfortunately, much of this expense is wasted due to a lack of sound API and integration design experience.

To cost effectively succeed with SaaS based CRM packages, integrations must be designed for flexibility and reuse.  Instead of a one-to-one correlation between use case and service integration, a small number of general purpose services should be designed and leveraged.  This greatly reduces implementation efforts and ongoing support needs.

Experience & Capabilities

  • Salesforce Visualforce development and customizations.
  • Services and API development for CRM enablement.
  • Social mining, streaming analytics and customer 360 views.
  • Telephony integration, call routing, and screen pops.

Salesforce & CRM

Project Experience

CloudGen has successfully integrated, customized, and delivered the most popular CRM packages for multiple call centers and selling activities.  Often, CloudGen is reengineering integrations and designs, written inhouse or by other consulting firms, after ongoing support and development needs grew out of control.

Client Profiles
  • Many Top 10 eTailers & Wholesalers
  • International Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Government Services & Citizen Portals
  • Insurance, Banking & Finance