Eliminate Unknowns

CloudGen's Performance Monitor (CPM) for webMethods platform provides an easy to use visualization of service performance and resource usage.  CPM quickly identifies scalability blockers and visualizes data flowing through the entire service stack.  Easily gain detailed insights of service characteristics for each branch within Flow code or other service types.

CPM Benefits

  • Powerful performance monitoring tool for webMethods Integration Server.
  • Minimal footprint with low resource requirement.
  • Identifies exact service call and call chain.
  • Simple to understand data visualization.
  • Detailed insight and profiling of service execution.


CloudGen Performance Monitor

CPM Brochure Product Brochure

Client Profiles
  • Many Top 10 eTailers & Wholesalers
  • International Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Government Services & Citizen Portals
  • Insurance, Banking & Finance