Pioneers of DevOps & Cloud Automation

DevOps & Cloud are ideally positioned to power the agility and on demand capacity that once constrained immediate innovation and scaling.  Using practices pioneered by CloudGen, companies can quickly enact continuous integration, development and deployments to cloud platforms, on-premise system and hybrid environments.

With ready to go playbooks, recipes and change orchestration scripts, CloudGen is ready to power the complete automation of technology landscapes – regardless of size or complexity.  Adoption of DevOps can be simple, fast, and complete with CloudGen.

Experience & Capabilities

  • AWS, OpenStack and Google cloud management.
  • Automation with Ansible, Chef, Puppet and CloudFormation.
  • Build management and VCS leveraging GIT, Subversion, Bamboo and Jenkins.
  • Automated testing and test coverage reporting using CloudGen Automated Test Engine (CATE).

DevOps & Cloud

Project Experience

CloudGen's DevOps and Cloud experts deliver seminars, training and projects across the globe.

After understanding a firm's drivers and needs, CloudGen quickly sizes the effort, presents options and prototypes the solution proposed.  Once accepted by the client, CloudGen deploys technologies and conducts knowledge transfer.

Client Profiles
  • Many Top 10 eTailers & Wholesalers
  • International Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Government Services & Citizen Portals
  • Insurance, Banking & Finance